Before and After Photos

Dramatic transformation after only ONE session…

The Before photos here were taken prior to each child’s session. The After photos were taken immediately following their session and within only two hours of the Before photos.

Before and After Innate - Drawings

These drawings show the changes in one little girl (8 years old) with Innate…

The Before sketches are her first attempts at drawing a flower, prior to the session. She was so disturbed from the trauma she has suffered, she was bordering on being autistic and had difficulty even holding a pencil.

The After sketches are the flowers she drew three days later. After only THREE sessions, she was able to draw recognizable flowers! She also sketched the sun appropriately… We are all meant to shine.


Many of the children spontaneously drew butterflies after their sessions - the symbol for total transformation. The butterfly also represents joy, freedom and creativity. These are some of the butterflies the children drew after their sessions.


2008 - Changing Spines Changing Lives

2007 - The Joy of Healing

Innate: Light touch, transformational chiropractic

Self awareness and self healing exercises

Photography by Nathan Horton - Cambodian based, professional, freelance photographer.
Nathan Horton Photography

First Trip - December 2006

The children experience their very first healing sessions…

The Beginning

Dr Lynelle Kerr wins the XL Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2006 and is awarded prize money that launches the All One Foundation…