Special Thanks

A personal note from Dr Lynelle Kerr:

“All One would not exist without the help and generous support of the following people. I would like to say a personal and very grateful thank you to…”

Dr Donald Epstein (and his wife Dr Jackie Knowles)
Founder & Developer of Network Spinal Analysis and Somatorespiratory Integration Author of ‘Healing Myths Healing Magic and ‘12 Stages of Healing’

For bringing the healing gifts of NSA and SRI to the world. It is an honor and joy to practice your work - the most powerful transformational methodologies available on our planet at this time. Thank you both, for your relentless commitment to serve humanity and create positive global change. On behalf of all the children of South East Asia, whose lives will be forever transformed because of your work, from the depths of my heart and theirs - thank you.

Roger Hamilton
Social Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author of ‘Wink’ & ‘Your Life Your Legacy’, Creator of the Wealth Dynamics Experience

For teaching me one of the real joys of business and making money - giving it away to help others (and not to wait!). For reminding me why I am here and inspiring me to create a legacy that will serve thousands of children for generations to come. From the little girl I saw in the photo years ago, (who had been rescued from the sex trade and was begging not to return) and every child that will now be able to shine because of All One, I thank you with all my heart. All One Foundation exists because of YOU.

Alan Hewitt
CEO of Earthstar Publishing, Australia

For believing in our vision and being our very first corporate sponsor. For your unending patience through our gestation period, as we have taken the time to grow and lay our foundations. Immense gratitude for your incredible generosity, which is allowing us to continue to provide care for the children.

Jagdesh Shamdasani (Jags)
Professional Website Designer

For designing our stunning website - absolutely free of charge!! Immense gratitude for donating your professional skills and time, so generously. For your expertise in juggling my wild ideas with practicality and your unwavering patience (I know I’ve tested it!). Thanks for being there all the way to the end. We made it.

Deborah Patel
Asia’s Leading Voice & Presentation Coach and Expert Trainer

For your masterful presentation coaching at the eleventh hour (literally!). And for preparing me for the next time the children ask me “Does doctor dance and sing?” For being the voice of spirit when I have trouble hearing it and for being my soul sister, coach and guiding angel.

Nathan Horton
Professional Photographer

For so beautifully capturing the emotion, heart and spirit of the children  and All One. Your photos have deeply touched many people around the world. Thank you for your enthusiastic support and especially for the joy you bring to all the girls - the rapport and connection you create with each of them is extraordinary.

Karen Katz
SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) Wellness Educator

For being on this journey with me (again). For sharing your magical gift of facilitating SRI and body-mind healing, with the children. And for the hugs and love you gave them all. Thank you for being my eternal and dearest friend - for always being there (even when I don’t answer emails!) and for being a passionate expression of the love and light of the feminine heart.

And lastly …
The Little Girl I Saw In the Magazine Photo Years Ago
…Who had been rescued from the sex trade and was begging not to return.

She would be 12 years old now. My dream for the All One Foundation is also hers.

I hope wherever you are that you are safe and that someday, somewhere, our All One practitioners will also work with you. There are a thousand angels by your side.