Earthstar Publishing

Earth Star Publishing is a family-owned personal growth company, run by Alan and Lesley Hewitt, that exclusively distributes products from Alphasonics International and the Centerpointe Research Institute, including the The Holosync® audio program. Holosync is a specially mastered meditation soundtrack, that creates profound, positive changes in the structure of the nervous system. Typically, listeners show improvements in emotional health, a range of mental abilities, self-awareness, ability to meditate deeply, personal motivation and a deeper sense of spiritual connection. Since their inception in 1994, Earthstar has helped thousands of Australians positively change their lives.

Innate Pte Ltd

Founded in 2001 in by Dr Lynelle Kerr, Innate specializes in a light touch form of Chiropractic which helps people powerfully transform their health, well being and life potential. Innate provides more than a long term solution to stress, chronic muscle tension and poor posture, it re-activates your body’s innate ability to heal and correct itself and to release tension spontaneously. Giving you greater physical, mental and emotional well-being. Serving a large base of Singaporean and Expatriate clients, Innate is conveniently located at 58 Club Street and provides a tranquil and welcoming oasis in the heart of Singapore.


XL Results Foundation

Launched in 2002, XL Results Foundation has grown into the world’s leading global entrepreneur and social enterprise network. (XL stands for Extraordinary Lives). It consists of the largest entrepreneur network in Asia Pacific XL Results Foundation and is dedicated to the Mission of World Wide Wealth: Growing our collective power to create and contribute wealth through Social Enterprise. www.resultsfoundation.com


James and Caroline Buckley

Mr Akiyoshi Shiotani

Steve Dean

Elaine Hamilton-Grundy

Ashley Farren

Yvonne Thomsen-Ghai (& Lucas Ghai, 2 mths old)

Zainon Shamsuddin

A special thank you to all the clients of Innate Pte Ltd, who through their support are also helping All One. In particular very special thanks to the above people for their very generous contributions.


Buy One Give One Free

The Buy One Give One Free (B1G1) concept, is one where everyone - businesses, charities and the public, wins. B1G1 matches businesses with charitable causes around the world, so that every business transaction creates a specific contribution to a cause somehow, somewhere, every second every day. So for the first time ever customers are directly involved in the giving process, thereby creating and encouraging greater involvement with the business and dramatically increasing not just customer loyalty, but a whole new base of customers!