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Can you imagine a world where child prostitutes, some as young as 5 years old, are forced to have sex with 9,125 clients per year?

The trafficking of young women and children around the world for prostitution, has been described as “the largest slave trade in history”
Trafficking of young women and children is a thriving multibillion dollar industry, that generates over 10 billion USD per year (Voice of America Report).
UNICEF estimate 10 million children under the age of 16 are forced into prostitution every year
In Asia alone it is estimated there are over 650,000 child prostitutes forced to work in the sex trade
Some are orphans. Some are kidnapped. Some are sold by their families. Many are younger than 8 years old
Many of the children are violently beaten and drugged and can be forced to serve up to 25 clients per day (over 9,125 per year)

Imagine if this happened to YOUR child, niece or nephew…

A small handful of these children are rescued and with help from the All One Foundation are given the chance to live safely, removed from the violent world of sexual slavery. All One Foundation helps these children to shine.

All One Foundation URGENTLY NEEDS YOUR HELP! A shelter which has been home for 90 rescued young children in Cambodia, for the last 6 years, is facing closure due to a funding crisis. Unless funding can be found to keep this shelter open, the 80 children will be homeless and literally forced back onto the streets and into sexual slavery.

$900 USD will give ONE child a safe haven from child prostitution for ONE year!

SAVE A LIFE TODAY. Large or small your contribution will be gratefully received.



Beneficiary name: The All One Foundation Limited
Beneficiary address: One Orchard Blvd, #03-03 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore, 248649
Bank name: DBS
Bank address: 6 Shenton Way, DBS Building, Singapore 068809
Bank code: 7171
Branch code: 065
Account #: 0659027539
Swift code: DBSSSGSG
Chips #: 034675
Telex #: RS 24455


Please make your cheque payable to:
The All One Foundation Limited
and post it to:
Camden Medical Centre
One Orchard Blvd,
Suite #03-03
Singapore 248649

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Dr Kerr at the Cambodian shelter with some of the children - aged 5, 12 and 8 years.

“One of the young girls I worked with had lost the use of her right arm and walked with a limp – the result of being violently raped and beaten consistently for two years. After her Innate session, she had tears streaming down her cheeks… tears of joy! She kept saying over and over, “I feel better, I feel better… finally… I feel better.”

Dr Lynelle M. Kerr - Founding Director All One Foundation.