The All One Foundation has been created to provide on going healing support, for children who have been rescued from the sex trade in countries throughout Asia. Many children who have been exploited in the sex trade, have suffered unimaginable violence and only limited help is available to them. When someone suffers abuse, unless the energetic memory of the event is released from the nervous system, it is very difficult for them to fully recover and live a productive and happy life.

Now with the help of the All One Foundation, these children can recover physically, mentally and emotionally and can enjoy safety and peace in their bodies and lives. The All One Foundation is helping these children permanently transform their health, wellbeing and life potential, allowing them to live optimal lives and shine as the brilliant stars they inherently are.

“All One exists to help these children remember who they are… who they truly are. To experience the magnitude of that, even for a moment, is and one of life’s greatest gifts.”

Dr Lynelle Kerr, Founder of the All One Foundation